remember me like thisThis Friday, we’re excited to present Remember Me Like This, a gripping debut novel filled with both nuanced characterization and the pace of a thriller.

Four years have passed since Justin Campbell’s disappearance, a tragedy that rocked the small town of Southport, Texas. Did he run away? Was he kidnapped? Did he drown in the bay?

Then, one afternoon, the impossible happens. The police call to report that Justin has been found only miles away, and, most important, he appears to be fine. Though the reunion is a miracle, Justin’s homecoming exposes the deep rifts that have diminished his family, and the wounds they all carry that may never fully heal.

Advance Praise:

“An admirable achievement . . . [Readers] will find their expectations continually defied as characters refuse to follow a formulaic plot trajectory.”
—Library Journal (starred review)

“Flawless storytelling . . . Emotionally, I am with this family as they try to move ahead—embracing ‘the half-known and desperate history’ that they share. I love this novel.”
—John Irving

“An incisive dismantling of an all-too-comforting fallacy: that in being found we are no longer lost.”
—Alice Sebold

“[This] riveting novel picks up where the tabloids leave off, and takes us places even the best journalism can’t go . . . a wise, moving, and troubling novel about family and identity, and a clear-eyed inventory of loss and redemption.”
—Tom Perrotta

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#FridayReads: REMEMBER ME LIKE THIS by Bret Anthony Johnston

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