dark edenOne of the UK’s most acclaimed science fiction novels of the year, Chris Beckett’s DARK EDEN features a powerfully unique voice, a marvelously imagined alien planet, and a young hero who fights against his backward society’s ignorance-but in doing so, shatters its innocence.

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Five hundred people live in a single community in an enclosed valley on the sunless planet Eden where, over a century ago, their two ancestors were marooned. Calling themselves Family, they still cling to the hope that one day someone will come and bring them back to Earth, where light and heat do not come from trees but from a bright star in the sky. John Redlantern defies Family’s most sacred traditions and leads a small group of followers out of the valley and across the snowy blackness, in search of wider lands. His rebellion had to happen, but it comes at a terrible price, for it brings bloodshed and division into this strange and innocent young world.

Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2013.

Praise for Dark Eden:

“A stunning novel and a beautiful evocation of a truly alien world…there’s no justice if Dark Eden, with its beautiful, terrifying planet, slowly revealed, fails to bring Beckett awards.”—Sunday Times

“Human plight and alien planet are both superbly evoked in a captivating and haunting book.”—Daily Mail

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