Kristen-Bell-as-Veronica-MarsThe wait for the Veronica Mars film and new book series is almost over! It’s hard to believe that at the start of the film we will be introduced to a new grown-up Veronica (Kristen Bell) who’s left her teenage private eye days behind. She’s a lawyer now with a great, stable boyfriend Piz (Chris Lowell). But it’s not long before Veronica gets pulled back to her hometown of Neptune, California, her ex-boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring) with baggage, and an unraveling murder mystery, right in time for her high school reunion.

The film hits theaters March 14, giving us about one month to suffer with anticipation.

Check out the new movie trailer below!

[youtube wq1R93UMqlk]

The film is directed by Rob Thomas, creator of the TV series and co-author of the novel series. The books will pick up with Veronica getting back in the game after the events of Veronica Mars: The Movie.

Click for more information on the book series.

Books on Film: Watch New Veronica Mars Trailer. Movie in Theaters March 14!

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  • I am giddy like a school girl for this movie and these books to arrive. Veronica Mars rocks it!

  • Well said. We’re quite excited too Eva!

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