Pizza- The greatest comfort food of all?

We know that we are not the only ones that could potentially eat it every day, so we want to share with you two new books that celebrate our love and deep- (dish- ha!) commitment to all things Pizza!

Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box   by Scott Wiener

pizza box

Scott Wiener has been collecting and cataloging pizza boxes for more than five years. In Viva la Pizza!, Wiener traces design trends over the past four decades and profiles some of the world’s most prolific box designers and manufacturers. The result is a captivating overview of pizza culture and a new way to look at one of the world’s favorite foods. 

“New Yorkers are particular about pizza, and no one has a more well-formed opinion than Scott Wiener.”


Pizza: Seasonal Recipes from Rome’s Legendary Pizzarium   by Gabriele Bonci, Elisia Mendun


A fresh take on everyone’s favorite food, straight from the “Michelangelo of dough” (Vogue). Yeast, flour, and water-from such humble ingredients rises a food that is for many an object of devotion. Here is a cookbook that reveals the secrets of the crust straight from the source in Italy.

 “There has never before been a pizza cookbook written by an Italian living in Italy. This gives this book unrivaled authenticity.” Library Journal

I know what I’m having for dinner! 

 What’s your favorite kind of pizza?   Email us at, and your favorite topping could win you a copy of both of these books!                                                                                                

Yes, This is About PIZZA!

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  • Sausage and mushroom…

    I also rather enjoy the Alfredo with chicken and bacon…

  • I like my pizzas with tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, and pepperoni. I like mine with a thick crust.

  • Pepperoni!

  • tomatoes and basil.

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