One of our department’s favorite books of the season is Longbourn by Jo Baker—the belowstairs answer to Pride and Prejudice.  Many librarians obviously agree, because it was selected as the #2 pick for the October LibraryReads list!  Now that holds lists at libraries are spiking, we know it may be tough for Readers’ Advisory librarians to get their hands on a copy.  So we’d like to gift a hardcover edition to 50 lucky librarians—our way of sharing the Longbourn love!  To enter, please fill out this form.  You’ll also have a chance to request a pack of Longbourn bookmarks for your library!

Sharing the Longbourn Love

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  • Would love to get a copy and pass onto avid readers in our community.

  • I’d love a copy of this book as I am very excited to read it.

  • My library would love a copy!

  • I would love a copy for my library!

  • Sounds wonderful.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to win one of the Longbourn books!

    Melissa Holekamp
    Andrew Triplett Library
    Naval Air Station, Meridian,MS

  • Can’t wait to read – and am so excited it made the “library Reads” list. We have been printing it out every month for our patrons and they love it!

  • This would be lovely!!

  • Sharing the Longbourn Love

  • Would love a copy of this book!

  • Would love this!

  • Please enter my name for the book. Thank you. I would love to read this.

  • I’m looking forward to reading this one! Sounds perfect for my girl readers who are Austen and Bronte fans!

  • Would love to check out this read and share with my students.
    Wouldn’t mind a few bookmarks either please.

  • Would love to read this book!

  • I must be honest and admit that until reading this post I didn’t know of this book. It sounds fascinating and is obviously highly recommended. I would be honored to have the opportunity to receive, read and share this book with others!

  • Thanks

  • So excited to read this!

  • Thanks for all the great news about new releases and bestsellers! Makes my librarian job easier. 🙂

  • My library would love to have a copy.

  • I would love one of the books.

  • Thanks so much for this offer! I’m on the waiting list at my public library.

  • Love to read this 😉

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