once upon time coverOnce Upon a Time: Behind The Magic is the ultimate insider’s guide with you everything you need to know about the popular ABC fantastical fairytale show. Now in it’s third season. It features interviews with all the key cast and crew and goes behind-the scenes on the show, presenting exclusive production designs and much more.


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law of the desert bornLaw of the Desert Born: A Graphic Novel by Louis L’Amour

“This actually may be the story’s ideal form, since the author’s son Beau came to realize that the core of the tale was the tense relationship between [Marone] and Lopez…. The graphic novel version provides room to develop this theme. Yeates’s black-and-white depiction of the rugged landscape and the hard-bitten characters is superb. The result is stunning and richly textured.”-Publishers Weekly

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on the come up

On the Come Up: A Novel, Based on a True Story by Hannah Weyer

“AnnMarie is a tenacious and lovable character. It is easy to root for her as she gropes and stumbles her way through the lessons of life without the benefit of role models or money, and the conclusions she comes to are surprisingly pertinent for all. Fans of Sapphire’s Push will especially appreciate the honesty and realism of filmmaker and first-novelist Weyer’s writing.” –Booklist

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Read the School Library Journal author interview.

the martian

The Martian by Andy Weir

Apollo 13 meets Castaway in this grippingly detailed, brilliantly ingenius man-vs-nature survival thriller – set on the surface of Mars. All the obstacles the hero confronts, and the solutions he engineers, are entirely plausible and science-based. The result just might be the most immersive, believable suspense novel you’ve ever read–something that reads like A Perfect Storm, Shadow Divers, or 127 Hours.

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