leonardo-dicaprio-wolf-of-wall-street-trailerThe rise and fall of a white-collar gangster.

It’s only August and there is much Oscar buzz around the release of The Wolf of Wall Street.  It’s film adaptation of kingpin stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s book that is projected to be Martin Scorsese’s next surefire blockbuster starring Leonard DiCaprio. This will be the fifth Scorsese-DiCaprio collaboration. We know these two create film masterpieces. The cast is rounded out by Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill and Spike Jonze. The script is by Terrence Winter (The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire).  November 13 the film will hit screens internationally.

The always captivating DiCaprio plays Belfort a former kingpin of the notorious investment firm Stratton Oakmont who became one of the most infamous names in American finance: a brilliant stock-chopper who led his merry mob of fast-talking, hard-partying young stockbrokers on a wild ride through one of the most outrageous scandals in recent history. Reputedly the prototype for the film Boiler Room, Belfort, by day, turned microchip investing into a wickedly lucrative game. By night, he spent his money as fast as he could on drugs, sex, and globe-trotting.

From the stormy relationship Belfort had with his model-wife to the unbridled hedonism of his office life, this is the extraordinary tale of an ordinary guy who went from hustling Italian ices at sixteen to making hundreds of millions. Until it all came crashing down . . .

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The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Tie-In Paperback Edition
Written by Jordan Belfort
9780345549334, Releases October 2013

Praise for The Wolf of Wall Street book:

“Entertaining as pulp fiction, real as a federal indictment…a hell of a read.”Kirkus Reviews

“Raw and frequently hilarious.”The New York Times

“A cross between Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities and Scorsese’s GoodFellas …Belfort has the Midas touch.”The Sunday Times (London)

the wolf of wall street

Books on Film: THE WOLF OF WALL STREET: Scorsese and DiCaprio Bring Jordan Belfort's Bestseller to the Big Screen!

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