CHRONICLE, a free e-book prequel to RELIC:

 Before Eva there was Madeline. The first Maiden Testor, but not the last.

Mankind is only as sinful as his darkest secrets. And Madeline has found the Aerie’s.

The Chronicle: written testament of the evil inherent in the Relics brought back by Gallant Testors. They are the foundation of the Aerie’s holy book, the Lex, and nothing is more vital to the resolve of the inhabitants of the New North, the last inhabitants of Earth after it was flooded by the Healing.

But not all Chronicles are deemed Lex-worthy. And not all Testors are Gallants. One scandalous year there was a Maiden: Madeline, the first Maiden to test—but not the last. Braving the perils of the Testing, she discovered a Relic that, if Chronicled, would be the New North’s downfall…


  • *Open to US residents 13+, with parental permission 18 and younger.
  • *Participants can win a tablet device of their choice (choice of iPad mini, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, or   Samsung Galaxy).
  • *Enter via email, information included in CHRONICLE.
  • *Open July 23rd through November 5th (one week after RELIC pub), 2013 


Email questions to . Good luck and enjoy your free prequel from Soho Teen!




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