What Will You Read If You Survive Poster_SmallerZombies aren’t just for Halloween anymore. With audiences flocking to TV series and movies like The Walking Dead and World War Z, the craze is only growing. To satisfy the post-apocalyptic readers at your library, we’ve created a Zombie Read-Alike Poster.

The poster includes reading suggestions from World War Z (Max Brooks) to The Passage (Justin Cronin) to Robopocalypse (Daniel H. Wilson) to Ashes (Ilsa. J. Bick).

You’ll also get great programming tips like how to host a movie night, trivia night, or an undead bazaar at your library.

We’d love to see your creativity in action. Send us your photos of your Zombie-Themed Event and be entered to win a Zombie Survival Kit. 

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Zombies Take the Library . . . What Will You Read if You Survive?

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  • This is an awesome poster! Can’t wait to hang it in my library this school year (high school). Hope to see more posters like this, they’re a great idea.

  • A great idea to promote interest and give recommendations at the same time.

  • An undead bazaar!!! I definitely want to host one of those in my high school library this year! Great poster!

  • Everyone is eating up this zombie apocalypse stuff! The kids can’t get enought of these books and I’m excited to have a poster to hang in my library. Thanks so much!

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