The latest in the Attack on Titan series is about to launch and we want to celebrate by sending you a poster for your library.

Random House Gets Graphic
Random House Gets Graphic

 Humanity’s numbers have been decimated, and the remaining population lives inside an immense walled city to protect them from the monstrous and mysterious titans!

Attack on Titan has become even more popular due to the anime series, we are sure that your readers will be looking for more at the library. In Attack on Titan 5 the question is asked…CAN YOU GO HOME AGAIN?

attack on titan

Thanks to Eren, humanity has taken the town of Trost back from the Titans. Exhausted, Eren falls into a coma for three days – and wakes in shackles, staring at Erwin Smith, leader of the Survey Corps. Certain that Eren’s father’s research holds the key to the mystery of the Titans’ rise, Smith wants an expedition to retrieve it from the house where Eren grew up. But that’s deep in Titan territory, and to get there Eren will need to master a power he still doesn’t fully understand…

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