leoThe Great Gatsby is a story wrapped with passion, violence and love. For this new film add dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio to play Gatsby, the sweet alluring Carey Mulligan as his love interest Daisy Buchanan and flashy over-the-top director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet) and you have a film sure to be an entertaining blockbuster.

Luhrmann wanted to be true to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original story and the culture of the 20s when the story is set, but he also wanted to give the film a contemporary twist. From the look of the thrilling glitzy trailer he more than achieved his vision and there are sure to be many people lining up to see the film when it opens this Friday.

The film adaptation of Fitzgerald’s Long Island-set novel, tells the story of Midwesterner Nick Carraway(played by Tobey Maguire) being lured into the lavish world of his millionaire neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Soon enough, however, Carraway will see through the cracks of Gatsby’s nouveau riche existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await.

The Great Gatsby Movie Trailer:

[youtube TaBVLhcHcc0]

The Great Gatsby Film Featurette:

[youtube DB2VkEH2Dp8]

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fashion sgatsbyFashion in the time of the Great Gatsby   by LaLonnie Lehman

The post-WWI world saw cultural, political and technology explosions that lead the way to fashion becoming a highly personal and social statement. The Roaring ’20s, exemplified by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic The Great Gatsby, ushered in a new era of liberation in dress for style, comfort, movement, expression, and attraction. This book chronicles the story of this milestone era in fashion history and spans the entire wardrobe for men and women, including day and evening wear, accessories and brand new categories such as “casual clothes” and “fads” like smoking jackets, tiaras, and cigarette holders. Written by a noted academic in fashion history and a costume designer herself, it is beautifully illustrated with period photographs and fashion sketches that are highly evocative of the period and the stylish world of The Great Gatsby.

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