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 Ben H. Winters, author of The Last Policeman, and Countdown City, shares this salute to libraries:

Dear librarians, 

Thank you for stocking our books, and recommending them, and most importantly for giving us a place to write them. I am happiest working at the library and I’d bet my MacBook a lot of other authors feel the same. I love writing in the physical presence of books, and in the abstract presence of other books-in-progress. Because there’s always a corner of the library where the writers hang out and clatter away, all lined up with their coffee thermoses and water bottles.

 That’s where I like to go, to sit and work with my headphones on, in a long line of other folks working with their headphones on, everybody burrowed into their own world, focused and determined and alone but surrounded by other people who are also focused and determined and alone. Everyone smiling politely at each other, asking in dumbshow “is this seat taken?”, arranging with whispers and nods to watch each other’s computers while we go to the bathroom. 

Writing can be a lonesome job, and libraries, among their many other benefits, provide that big long table where you can feel like you’re not alone. Priceless.

Ben H. Winters

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Celebrate National Library Week: Ben Winters' Salute to Libraries

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  • I can picture the group of writers huddled together at the library – just goes to show what a great gathering place a library can be! I can’t wait to read Ben’s new book – I have been looking for the next “Last Policeman” novel as soon as I finished the first one. Keep up the good work and enjoy the library ambiance!

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