end of your life 

From Will Schwalbe, author of The End of Your Life Bookclub


When many people think of libraries, they think of quiet. And that’s one of the great things that libraries offer – a place to be quiet with your thoughts and a book. But when I think of libraries, I think first of conversations. I love libraries because they bring people together and make us realize that we’re not alone. For me, libraries are not just bookshelves and computers and comfy chairs, but exhibitions and book groups and events and the chance to meet other people.  Chief among the amazing people I’ve met in libraries are librarians. So by way of example and gratitude, I must name one: Miss (Ann Louise) Locke, my high school librarian. Miss Locke was not only a skilled reference librarian, but also the person generations of my classmates turned to for help, advice, comfort –or one of her delicious Congo Bars. Miss Locke knew when you needed the perfect book, not forced on you, but left (as if by happenstance) in your path for you to discover.  And she also knew, always, when you needed to talk.

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Celebrate National Library Week: Will Schwalbe's Salute to Libraries

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