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Did you see the article in the April 8th edition of Publishers Weekly, called Manga 2013: A Smaller, More Sustainable Market?

The general consensus seems to be that while manga may not be growing as rapidly as it did five years ago, the core audience is staying strong, relevant and engaged. Random House is fortunate to partner with Vertical, Inc.  and Kodansha Comics in the sales and distribution of their books and we know that there are a lot of Sailor Moon and Knights of Sidonia fans right here in the building, so we are happy to see that the Manga market is staying strong.  

Ed Chavez of Vertical says, “The market seems to be stabilizing and even maturing…” and Dallas Middaugh of Kondansha Comics thinks that the future looks bright and that the demographic of the reader hasn’t really changes very much. He says,  “I still think preteens to teens are our core demographic. Depending on which books we have and how they perform, I still see the audience being 50/50 male/female, possibly skewing more female than male.”

We are wondering if the library market has experienced any shifts in their manga circulation and if your manga patron has changed at all in the past five years. We would love to hear your input.

Email us @ and let us know your experience you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a selection of manga titles and posters from Vertical and Kodansha for your library!

Random House Gets Graphic: The Manga Report 2013

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