Our obsession with Gone Girl has taken us to a whole new level!

gone girl

It is not often that our entire department reads the same book, and when we do I can assure we talk about it and talk about it at length. Gone Girl was no exception.

But how would you describe the book quickly?

What started out as a simple water cooler book discussion has turned into a departmental challenge . . . describe Gone Girl in five words!

Here is what we came up with . . .

Gone Girl in five words…

Kelly –   Never trust present-leaving women!

Erica- Unlikable characters are SO compelling!

Elizabeth- Why gals should keep journals.

 Jen- Marital secrets equal thrilling plots.

We invite you to take that very same challenge! We hope that you will allow us to share your five words on our blog…we hope you enjoy our summaries . . . tell us what you think! (library@randomhouse.com) or on Twitter Gone Girl #infivewords

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Gone Girl . . . In five words

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