RH Seeks BLFVD: (Book Lovers For Valentine’s Day )

Day #2…

Beware: Inside this little brown package may be  the new love of your life…(in paperback of course)


 The Random House Library Marketing Staff wants to find you the perfect match for Valentine’s Day.


 Do zombie attacks excite you?  Do you enjoy the brilliance of Chuck Palahniuk and Charlie Huston?  If you’re interested in a meth junkie protecting his lover from impending death and destruction, then I may be the book of your dreams! 

 Email me at library@randomhouse.com and put “Breaking Bad meets The Walking Dead” in the subject line.  I will be knocking at your door in 3-5 business days.


Erica cartoon color




A limited number of “perfect matches” will be revealed as we count down to Valentine’s Day.  If this blind date doesn’t pique your interest, check back tomorrow for another chance to meet the book of your dreams!


All we ask in return is that you do read-and-tell.. let us know at library@randomhouse.com how well we played matchmaker for you.

DAY #2 RH Seeks BLFVD: (Book Lovers For Valentine’s Day)

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