Celebrate Superman Day in Your Library

 June 15th 2013

superman poster

The HUGE Blockbuster movie, The Man of Steel, is set to hit theatres in June (Watch Trailer). Get your patrons ready by hosting “Superman Day” on June 15th at your library.   

Get ready for Superman Day:

* Fill out the attached form to receive Superman bookmarks, posters and buttons for your library.

* Order Man of Steel titles we know your patrons will be demanding.

* Send photos to library@randomhouse.com of Superman Day. (The library that does the best job exciting the fans for Superman will win ten movie tickets to see Man of Steel.)

(While Supplies last- event kits must be ordered by May 15th) 


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Random House Gets Graphic..Celebrate Superman Day June 15th at Your Library

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  • Woohoo! So excited. This year’s them is “SUPERHEROES: Reading is Our Superpower!”

  • Why can’t I down Superman bookmarks, posters and buttons form? Do I have to purchase things? to download the information about signing up for free promotional material?

  • why can’t I download application form for free psoters, bookemarks, etc? Do I have to make a purchase to fill out form?

  • I will definitely be tying this into summer reading program! What fun!!!!!

  • No, there is a google doc to fill out the form for posters, etc…
    try this link, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEdzWFRaaktjNGNBZ25PYlJYSzhJWGc6MQ#gid=0

  • Is the event kit free?

    Thank you

  • Yes it is

  • When will the kits be mailed out?

  • They should be mailed out within the next week- DC Comics decided to spruce up the kit a little so we are just waiting to have all the supplies in stock!

  • I was just checking to see if the kits had been mailed out yet. Very excited about this display. Thanks!

  • Hi Ken, The kits will be mailed soon.

  • We cannot wait to receive our kit for the library, I think this will be a fun activity!

  • I was just wondering when the kits will be mailed out. I’m very excited about setting up a Superman display. Sometimes having OCD can be a positive thing. Thanks!!

  • Thank you for checking in, I am glad you did- we have the mailing scheduled to go out at the beginning of next week- we added to the kits and were waiting for the pieces to arrive! Have a great day!

  • That’s awesome. I’m showing Superman movies this month and then on June 15. And I discovered how to make Kryptonite. Well, glow in the dark sugar crystals. Green, of course. I’m very excited. Thanks again.

  • Would you share your recipe for making Kryptonite?? Sounds cool…

  • Yes, I’ll share the recipe. Actually, I haven’t made it yet. But it looks pretty simple. I’ll send you the website. I do have a question. Do you want us to send you pictures of our display before June 15? Or just on June 15? It is a work in progress and I may end up turning our library into a Fortress of Solitude before it is over. How do I send the pictures? Have the kits been mailed out yet? Do I sound excited?

  • Kelly
    Do we have a way of knowing that our library will be receiving the kit? We’re excited and planning for the event, but a little anxious too. I can be reached at desalvop@seminolestate.edu. Thanks so much!!

  • Thank you for the instructions!!!

  • Happy to report that the mailing will be shipping out any day! All of the pieces of the kit have been received and are now on there way to you– ENJOY!

  • Do you want us to send you pictures of our display before June 15? Or just on June 15?

  • Yay so they should be on their way?? Getting anxious that they will be here in time! Have a Happy Superman Day everyone!

  • Where do we send the pictures?

  • Thank you to all you have shared receipes, etc.

    I was also wondering when we should expect our kit. Superman day is less than two weeks away.

    Happy 75th Superman.

  • I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever come to my library…

  • I got my stuff. OMG!!! Amazing. Thank you so much… Sorry I doubted you.

  • ENJOY– we can’t wait to see the Man of Steel Day photos!!!! Thank you for your patience- we knew it would be worth the wait!

  • Thank you so much!! The kit arrived today. We can’t wait until June 15.

  • We ordered kit and still have not received. Do I need submit again?

  • When do you want us to send pictures? Before the event or during? And where do we send them?

  • Please send to library@randomhouse.com whenever you’d like to send the photos is fine with us! Thank you so much for your participation.

  • Did you ever receive anything? Let us know at library@randomhouse.com and we will do what we can. Thanks

  • Received items. whoot whoot Celebrating superman on June 15, 2013

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