world war z 1June 21, 2013. The zombie apocalypse begins when World War Z hits the big screen! Coming at the end of days—a major motion picture from Paramount starring Brad Pitt is the film adaptation of Max Brooks’s smash hit zombie novel.

 The new classic of apocalyptic fiction—and one of the biggest movies of the year—Max Brooks’s stunning and all-too-believable oral history of World War Z (think Studs Terkel on the war with the undead) features zombie writing par excellence and a roman à clef for all our present-day paranoia.

Legions of zombie fans are following the WWZ movie’s every move. Morsels of information about the filming ping-pong around the web at dizzying speed. There are even rumors of turning the movie into a trilogy, and Paramount has also optioned the movie rights to Zombie Survival Guide and Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks.

Praise for World War Z:

  • “Addictively readable…a debut that will grab you as tightly as a dead man’s fist…A.” —Entertainment Weekly, EW pick
  • “Will spook you for real.” —New York Times Book Review
  • “An oversized version of hell.” —The Onion’s A.V. Club

World War Z (Movie Tie-in Edition)
An Oral History of the Zombie War

Max Brooks | 978-0-7704-3741-1

world war z 2

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