thanksgivingThanksgiving will be here soon and we’d like to introduce you to Sam Sifton’s new book, Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well, all about successfully conquering the holiday with grace. From the national editor and beloved former food critic at the New York Times comes a smartly-written, accessible, recipe-filled, authoritative guide to Thanksgiving dinner–not just surviving it, but pulling it off in style.

  • Learn How to Deep-Fry Turkey the Right Way (a.k.a. Sam Sifton’s Way) through this video.
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  • Need a Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist? Check out Sam’s here.
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Things go wrong at Thanksgiving. Sam Sifton knows this because, for two years, he manned the Thanksgiving Help Line at the highly-trafficked website of The New York Times. When birds got burned, when gravy separated, when pies settled: Sam Sifton was there. Thanksgiving comes out of his experience, but it also draws on the decades of holiday cooking Sifton has done for friends and family. It’s a book that gives comfort, and speaks with authority. It is a book for briners and those morally opposed to brining, for people who have always dreamed of deep-frying their turkey, smoking their turkey, or roasting their turkey in parts. Need help setting the table properly? Choosing your wines and whiskies? Picking the perfect side dishes? Clueless about when to start cooking what? Need advice on how to deal with cranky relatives and picky kids and the issue of television in general and football in particular? Aiming to simply enjoy the day? Thanksgiving to the rescue. In addition to answering all your holiday meal questions, it’s an elegantly written, beautifully illustrated and, most important, useful book from one of the finest food writers working today.

Praise for Sifton’s Thanksgiving:

“If you don’t have Thanksgiving, you are not really having Thanksgiving. This book is as essential to the day as the turkey itself. It’s an expert, gently opinionated guide to everything from the cranberry sauce to the table setting to the divvying up of the leftovers, but it’s also a paean to the holiday and an evocation of both its past and its promising future. Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving world is the one I want to live in.” – Gabrielle Hamilton, bestselling author of Blood, Bones, & Butter

“The charm of Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving is that he proposes that home cooks treat this culinary Olympics like any other dinner party-don’t panic, deconstruct your tasks into bite-size pieces, and conquer that fear of failure. Sam could talk a fledgling doctor through his first open-heart surgery. It’s all here-from brining to spatchcocking, sides to desserts-and served up with a generous dollop of reassuring advice from one of America’s most notable food writers.” – Christopher Kimball, editor of Cook’s Illustrated and host of America’s Test Kitchen


HC: 978-1-4000-6991-0, eBook: 978-0-679-60514-0, Random House, available now.


Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well, Including How to Deep-Fry a Turkey

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