JOSEPH ANTONJoseph Anton hits shelves today.  And, Salman Rushdie’s extraordinary and powerful memoir of how he was forced underground, is already getting lots of media attention:

Watch Salman Rushdie’s appearance on the Today Show here.

Read the New Yorker excerpt.


“[A] harrowing, deeply felt and revealing document: an autobiographical mirror of the big, philosophical preoccupations that have animated Mr. Rushdie’s work throughout his career.”
—Michiko Kakutani, New York Times                                                                                  

Read full review here.

“[C]ompelling, affecting . . . Joseph Anton demonstrates Mr. Rushdie’s ability as a stylist and storyteller. It also serves as an important moral balance sheet.”
—The Wall Street Journal

Read full review here.

“This is an important book not only because of what it has to say about a man of principle who, under the threat of violence and death, stood firm for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but also because of its implications about our times and fanatical religious intolerance in a frighteningly fragile world.”

—USA TODAY (four out of four stars)

Read full review here.

Joseph Anton is a splendid book, the finest new memoir to cross my desk in many a year.”
Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post


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