Today’s we give you a book fight where Woody Allen saves a book for the woman he adores Romy Schneider. True romance.  In the 1965 classic “What’s New Pussycat?” Victor (Allen in his film debut) is in a Paris library with Carole (Schneider) and as she looks for a book he shamelessly flirts with her. Just when she finds a book, The Collected Poems of Shakespeare, a tall, muscular goon appears and snatches the book from her. Carole gets into a “it’s mine” and “I had it first” debate that soon fails and then asks Victor to fight said goon for the book and her honor. This unfolds in a funny chase scene around the art nouveau library. In the end, Victor captures back the book and the goon is knocked out. Carole is so excited she takes Victor in her arms and kisses him. Way to save a that book Woody! Like I said, true book romance.

[youtube qSKeZbDr7aU]

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Woody Allen Saves a Book in What's New Pussycat?

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