Today we wanted to share a vocational guidance film clip with you from 1946 about becoming a librarian. Your Life Work government film series was filmed at the library at Iowa State University. It also featured footage of the Library of Congress.

We love the opening of the film and how it asks students to ponder the following:

“These racks and shelves contain a lot of books … How do you feel about them? Are they your friends? Do they mean something to you? Have you a real love of books and learning? You do? That’s good. Now do you like people? And do people like you? Do you like all kinds of people? The young as well as the old, in all stations of life? You do. That’s wonderful. Because when you have these two important qualifications: love for books and love for people you may well consider the vocation of a librarian. A vocation that gives full enjoyment to the librarian and radiates it to the public.”

Enjoy watching and let us know what you think.

[youtube smrrZpbvI20]

Libs on Film: Your Life Work: The Librarian

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  • This is a gem. And, if today’s librarians dare to step back from being caught up in the digital hurricane, they will admit to performing many of these traditional services – just the delivery may be different.

  • Hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

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