I know a lot of you can’t wait to get your kids back to school and get back to  schedules, early bed times and all of that other stuff that happens when we stop bbq’ing and start doing homework again…but, not me.

I love summer, and I secretly do sympathize with my boys as they readjust to their daily grind. I like putting them to bed late, eating  dinner whenever we feel like, and also our long, long beach days.  Also,  I remember having that touch of anxiety about the new teacher, the new bus, the new friends and how it all could feel so overwhelming.

But this morning as I flipped through A Poem As BIG as NEW YORK CITY, I was reminded that kids see beauty and even security in things much bigger then they are.


“When I look at the New York Sky, I see little pencils fly…”

For readers and gift-givers who enjoy This Is New York and My New York, this children’s book about New York City was written by the children who live and learn in the City itself! Featuring an introduction by five-time Coretta Scott King Award-winner Walter Dean Myers, and art by MoMA-favorite Masha D’yans, this treasure is a unique and poetic love letter to The Big Apple.  Hundreds of poems written by New York City public school children were edited and distilled into this picture book-length poem about the wonder and joy that is New York City. Seen through the eyes and hearts of the city’s own children, the sights, sounds, and experiences of living and playing in the City take a delightful and fanciful new twist.

Enjoy your back-to-schools, or back-to-realities, in New York City, or wherever you might be!

W e have one copy of A Poem As BIG as NEW YORK CITY to give away. Email us at library@randomhouse.com (Quickly!) for your chance to win this beautiful book!

A Poem as BIG as New York City…

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