twilight sparkleToday for our film clip we’d like to visit the Golden Oak Library. Yes we’re talking about a library built in a tree in Ponyville. A library in a tree, it’s quite magical don’t you agree? At Golden Oak, My Little Pony librarian Twilight Sparkle runs the library with her assistant, Spike, a cute baby dragon. Twilight Sparkle is a feisty little librarian who always can be found doing one of two things: reading a book, of course, or saving her pony friends with her magic skills and the knowledge she finds in books. 

In this clip a group of gloomy ponies visit Golden Oak Library and start to taught Twilight Sparkle and Spike. Twilight Sparkle fights them over a book in order to save them from their gloomy state. Our favorite part is when Twilight Sparkle, screams “Get back all of you. This is my book … and I’m going to read it.”

[youtube obuxVk5f6Nw]

MLP Golden Oaks Library

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: My Little Pony's Librarian Twilight Sparkle!

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