In this episode of Friends we find Ross and Chandler visiting the University Library because Ross has discovered that his doctoral dissertation is housed on the shelves of the paleontology section. As they approach the shelves Chandler remarks, “Sounds like some people are really enjoying the Dewey decimal system.” This sets Ross on a mission to protect the dignity of the library and the paleontology section by requesting extra security to prevent students from canoodling. When he is told that the library cannot supply the extra security he decides to parole it himself and does a fine job of scaring off students until he meets the one student who checked his book. After discovering the student’s love for paleontology he finds himself canoodling with the cute co-ed until he gets caught by campus security and is thrown out of the library. Poor Ross it seems he could never catch a break. His heart was in the right place trying to defend the books though the rules of the library apply to everyone. During session six of the Friends Ross works at New York University so this clip is set there however, it is not confirmed if this is the location of the library shoot.  

[youtube TyVFdlWnt2w]

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Friends – Ross Defends the Paleontology section of the Library.

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