batgirl librarian picThe original librarian superhero? Why it’s Batgirl, of course. Today’s Libs on Film clip is from the 1966 Batman pilot finds sweet librarian Barbara Gordon about to lock-up the Gotham library when Killer Moth and three of his henchmen attempted to kidnap a millionaire checking-out a book. The villainous gang locked Barbara in a back room, but before they could make their escape Batman & Robin arrived to foil their plan. Killer Moth managed to get the drop on the Dynamic Duo and covered them in a confining cocoon, leaving no one to stand in his way. What he didn’t realize was there was a new hero in Gotham and before he had chance to escape, Batgirl arrived to save the day.
As Killer Moth locked Barbara away in a room to keep her from being privy to his current kidnapping caper, the gutsy gal showed she was more than happy to go along with how his plan had played out. Barbara turned the tables somewhat revealing that she had a secret of her own. Her skirt, reversed into a cape, her hat unfolded into her mask and in moments the former librarian was transformed into an action hero. As the remainder of the pilot unfolded, Batgirl freed Batman and Robin. That’s one super librarian, for sure.

[youtube auDH2jSdZbE]

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Batgirl aka Superhero Librarian

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  • We had a superhero day at my library, and I got to lead it dressed as, you guessed it, Batgirl. During trivia time, the kids were excited to learn that Batgirl’s daytime job is a librarian, just like me.

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