220px-Annex_-_Stewart,_James_(Call_Northside_777)_01Jimmy Stewart and a library proposal scene? Yes, please. In the 1959 film The FBI Story Stewart plays John Michael ‘Chip’ Hardesty. This clip opens as Chip casually – in true Stewart fashion – saunters into the local library and hands the librarian, Lucy Ann Ballard (Vera Miles) a piece of paper and asked if they have that particular book. To which the Lucy Ann says the book is in the mystery section and she will will be happy to show him. She then scolds him for coming into the library everyday because no one can read books that fast. Chip assures her that he only picks books with large print. He then goes on to canoodle with her in the stacks and then goes on to offer a proposal to our friendly librarian Lucy Ann. Ah, romance in the library, love, love it.

[youtube WJZMkmSEqKI]

Though what is it will Stewart and librarians? As you may recall Jimmy, playing George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), also has a very short librarian themed-scene. In this film in a scary, alternative, gloomy world George’s lovely wife Mary (Donna Reed) has become a shy librarian who’s never married. In a street scene we see poor, sweet Mary leaving the library to be attacked by George who tries to get her to remember him and their life. She screams and faints. Boo, George Bailey for frightening a librarian. We prefer The FBI Story’s Stewart. He much more book loving.

[youtube 6SLDMMGzkyI]

Libs on Film: Jimmy Stewart and Librarians

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