cookie monsterToday for Libs on Film we visit Sesame Street!!! The Cookie Monster in Library clip is a classic. Our favorite blue monster comes into the library and exclaims “Wow. Look at all these books. Me never seen so many books before.” Cookie Monster after falling over a waste-paper basket and being shh-ed by the librarian requests a book about Little Red Riding Hood and a box of cookies. Cookie Monster is surprised to learn that there are no cookies available at the library, just books. What is a monster to do? That’s simple … request a book about cookies and a glass of milk.

[youtube W3ZHPJT2Kp4]

Our next clip features Oscar’s visit to the library where he asks himself “I wonder if they have any books in this library interesting to a Grouch.” After this statement suddenly the library explodes with an animated cast of character – including pirate, a princess, a baseball player – who explain to Oscar all the types of books one can find in a library. All poor Oscar wants is a book about trash and junk. Finally they point Oscar to a special “Grouch Section” that overwhelms him.  Oscar says “Wow, I’m in heaven.” The fa, la, la-ing of song and dance continues annoying Oscar so much that he shouts “Hey will you people please pipe down. I’m trying to read. This is a library.”
The lesson: If take look “you’ll find good books for everyone at your library.” 

[youtube eYnbEOLKIig]

In this clip Glover talks about “a very special place” the library. Glover is shh-ed repeatedly as he tries to tell us about why the library is important. He is so excited about telling us about the library that he can’t be quiet enough to please the librarian.

[youtube zu8nz6XNdhg]

And in our final clip we see Sesame Streeters  Micki and Linda clean up the library to welcome the people in the neighborhood in to enjoy the books. In the end, they decide that though they like the library neat and tidy they really love to see it full of people enjoying the books. 

[youtube ChH9_mKdtXc]

Wow, we love these clips, can someone tell us how to get to the Sesame Street Library?

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Sesame Street! Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and the Sesame Street Crew Explore the Library!

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