why you're not married yetBased on her wildly popular Huffington Post article—one of the site’s most-viewed of all time—Why You’re Not Married . . . Yet by Tracy McMillan dishes out straightforward, no-holds-barred practical and proven advice for women hoping to head down the aisle or just have a great relationship.  Today for Lunch Lit we wanted to share an excerpt with you. With sisterly insight, razor-sharp wit, and refreshing candor, McMillan points out the things that might be in your blind spot: unhelpful attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs so easy to identify in others, much more difficult to see in yourself. Then she shows you how to adjust them to get the relationship you deserve. Like a no-nonsense but loving best friend, McMillan meets you right where you are to help you get where you’re going—with clarity and honesty. And she’ll make you laugh out loud along the way.
The answers may be in Tracy McMillan’s new book, take this quiz to see if you need to read it!

Tracy McMillan will be at the ALTAFF Laugh’s On Us program at ALA Annual in June. Yay! Here’s the information:

Sunday, June 24

 5:30pm – 7:30pm

ALTAFF Laugh’s On Us

Hilton Anaheim, Pacific C (ticketed event)

Lunch Lit: Why You're Not Married … Yet?

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