scooter-headshot-29Today for Music@Library we’d like to make a little tribute to Scooter Hayes, aka Melvil Dewey, “International Library Hip Hop Superstar.” We really love his “Library Card” video. The lyrics to this song are music to our ears … Mr. M. Dewey raps “Everybody put your library card up” and “If you love reading say whoop! whoop! /If you love libraries! Cards up!” It’s great that he’s out there teaching children the importance of libraries through golden library cards and encouraging them to become life-long readers and library card holders.

[youtube 50qWXVBQKaA&feature=relmfu]

If you’re already hip to Melvil you might have heard the song that started all this library rapping the “Dewey Decimal Rap.” There is also an album called “Deweylicious” which is his library-themed rap album. You can check out all the lyrics to his library raps here.

[youtube NHiUQb5xg7A&feature=relmfu]

Melvil Dewey is touring libraries in the South this summer, perhaps he’s coming to a library near you … To check out more about this lib-rap-storyteller visit his site here.

Music@Library: Music Monday: Melvil Dewey Raps About His Love For His Library Card!

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