Random House Gets Graphic

We all know Batman, and Superman, the Hulk and Iron Man– but really, would they make a good best friend with tempers and secrets of such magnitudes?  I think not- I think instead a real best friend in the world of graphic novels would be Jinx.


First of all, she is adorable- second of all, she is timeless- and third, she has no hint of clothes-ripping anger, or aversion to kryptonite or any other radioactive materials for that matter. There is also the distinct difference between Jinx and those other Riverdale girls– Jinx is not out to intimidate you with her fancy wardrobe, or make a full-time job out of  stealing your boyfriend!

Publisher’s Weekly says “Jinx serves as an entertaining role model for the intended audience, girls who can embrace the empowerment suggested through Jinx’s steady stance in life, while enjoying the mishaps born of the teenage confusion that surely is familiar.” For full PW Article, click here.

Created by the award-winning writer/artist team of J. Torres and Rick Burchett, this is an absolutely top-notch original graphic novel for tween and teen girls.  It is a bright, full-hearted coming of age story told with great humor, charm and compassion that female patrons will not only enjoy, but will learn from.

More love for Jinx,

“Charming and realistic.” —Comic Book Resources

“To read Jinxis to take in a delightful breath of fresh air–two big lungfuls of hilarity and heart.” –Sean McKeever (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane)

“J. Torres and Co. have created a timeless, stylish YA story.” –Brian Wood (Demo)

“I love Jinx–her stories, her look, and her mismatched collection of friends. A lively and sympathetic look at the ups and downs of being a teenager.” –Brigid Alverson, Good Comics for Kids (School Library Journal)

Make sure your library has Jinxon the shelves- her new BFFs will thank you for it!

Meet your new BFF…Jinx

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