queen'svowIsabella of Castile is the most famous queen in history after Elizabeth I. Her conquest of Granada ended eight hundred years of Moorish occupation of Spain, an accomplishment no Christian king before her had achieved. Today’s Lunch Lit selection is The Queen’s Vow: A Novel of Isabella of Castile excerpt by C. W. Gortner. 

The Queen’s Vow is an irresistible work of historical fiction that fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir will enjoy. It is a gripping new novel that follows young Isabella of Castile in her dramatic and turbulent ascent to power, transforming herself from the defiant daughter of an exiled widow to the famed warrior-queen who irrevocably changed the future of Spain. The book will be published on June 12.

Isabella of Castile is such a  fascinating figure. She was the warrior-monarch who united a fractured kingdom; she was the passionate woman willing to risk her life to marry her true love; she was a Renaissance leader, patron of the arts, and scholar, responsible for sending Columbus to America. Revered by some as a devout leader who transformed Spain into a world power, she is reviled by others as a fanatic who ushered in an era of persecution. In The Queen’s Vow, C. W. Gortner brings Isabella’s world of faith, bloodshed, romance, and betrayal to powerful life.

For more information visit C. W. Gortner’s website.

Lunch Lit: The Queen's Vow by C. W. Gortner

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