crusadeMystery, intrigue, and the classic “Mr. Yum Yum” aka Indiana Jones aka Harrison “Han Solo” Ford, famed adventurer and world-known archaeologist. What more could you want in a movie? Maybe to be Annette Benning on the weekends:) In the second installment of the film series, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, our hero Indy finds himself in a many beautiful libraries. That’s what I like most about the action-packed Indiana Jones films is they are so visually pleasing.

The plot: In The Last Crusade  Indy acquires an ancient diary with mysterious clues and hints that holds and a precious map with directions to the Holy Grail. Joining him on much of this adventure is Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery), his scholarly father in Italy. In the pursuit to find the Grail the two find themselves in Nazi territory, the horror. The rescue mission soon turns bad and becomes a race to find the Holy Grail. I’m sure you know the story. If not, get thee to the film store and watch immediately.


The exterior shots of the library were filmed in the Campo San Barnaba, Italy location on which the movie was shot in August 1988. In this first video an ambitious tourist tries to retrace Fabio Indy’s movie scenes and compiles results in this amusingly, artistic video! He points out that the grocer’s boat with the green tent, remain where they were in the late 80s. The manhole never existed. A fake one was created on purpose for the movie, and closed afterwards. Fun facts.

San Barnaba Church can be seen and the massive indoor library shown in the movie was filmed elsewhere. The remainder of the Italian-based shots were filmed in the Veneto area of Italy. The interior library shots were filmed in Elstree Studios in London as were the catacombs scenes.

[youtube _Feg1ClZk9s]

Two more travel videos in Venice, film location walk throughs. Tourists having fun on sunny days in Italy, pure bliss if you ask me:

[youtube aWEWlcrLCXE]

 [youtube gko6mfuS54g]

Temple of Doom was the first movie that was released in 1984 with The Last Crusade following up in 1989. Here’s the original film trailer with the tagline “Germany has declared war on the Jones”

[youtube 1WRsHcJ6ycE]

Libs on Film: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Our hero Indy finds the Holy Grail!

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