978-0-679-45081-8Today we give you and excerpt of the The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Anniversary: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of America’s Great Classic cookbook. It just went up on Scribd. Fannie Farmer is a staple in my kitchen when it comes to family, wholesome cooking. It was originally published in 1896. Now that is an American classic.

By reading this excerpt I learned that “beurre manie” means “handled butter” in French. It refers to butter that is used as a thickening agent for soup that is already cooked. On this cold rainy, New York day soup sounds good. Also reading this excerpt I got great recipes for Sauteed Mushrooms on Polenta or Buttered Toast and Zucchini Pancakes. If only the fresh zucchini from my Mom’s garden were ready, I suppose I’ll have to wait til mid summer when they become huge and I may have all the zucchini pancakes I desire:(

So check out this excerpt on Scribd and get inspired to cook something yummy soon!

Lunch Lit: The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Anniversary: Learning about Butter, Mushrooms and Zucchini Pancakes!

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