Party-Girl-1Just in time for the weekend everyone …We bring you PARTY GIRL for today’s Lib’s on Film. Oh, this movie is magic, as most of what Parker Posey does.

LIBRARY DANCE CLIP: Outfit priceless. I’m sorry but was this filmed in Brooklyn last week? No, no, it was filmed in 1995. (And apologizes about that Brooklyn joke;) I heart Brooklyn and, uh, live in Williamsburg myself.)

Plot:Mary (Parker) is a young, spirited woman with a broken-down NYC apartment and a fashion maven.  Or as the movie slogan described her “Sassy, savvy and definitely clued-in!” After throwing an all-night-illegal-party that goes awry, Mary calls her godmother, a librarian, to bail her out. Mary has to find a quick way to pay back the loan and begins working as a library clerk. a She soon realizes she has found her calling and decides becoming a librarian is the career choice for her. It’s a great New York story and a grand librarian flick. As for the library in this film the filming location is a complete mystery. One of those beautiful libraries hidden within the boundaries of the city, I suppose.

 [youtube ufltS3vpJoQ]


“You were just randomly putting that book anywhere” … “I just want to do a good job Howard”

[youtube gzbDdgWiaS0]

Cool film fact: Party Girl was the first full length film to premiere on the Internet.

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Party Girl

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