PrintHere is something very exciting to talk about from the world of Graphic Novels…the New 52s are coming this summer from DC Comics!  

The New 52s, a highly publicized line-wide renumbering of all of DC Comics’ super-hero titles that came out last September in comic form are coming this summer in graphic novels, perfect for any library! The World’s Greatest Super Heroes renumbered for long time fans to reconnect with and for new fans to find a perfect starting point.

Each title is an easily accessible jumping-on point for new fans and lapsed fans alike. The flagship title of this event is JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1, a hardcover featuring the first six issues of the smash hit series by the superstar team of writer Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN) and artist Jim Lee (BATMAN: HUSH). By the end of 2012, all 52 new series will be collected in either hardcover or trade paperback format and feature some of the finest talents in comics today

[youtube DZJzIeSpleI]

Epic.” – USA Today

“Audacious.” – New York Times

“Audacious…Seismic.” – LA Times’ Hero Complex

“Fascinating.” – NPR’s Monkey See

“Unprecedented.” – Gawker’s io9

“Tantalizing.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Radical…bold move.” – Publishers Weekly

“The ballsiest move of the decade.” – Comics Alliance

“Dramatic.” – The Onion AV Club

“The comic book world is a-buzzin’.” – Ain’t It Cool News

Make sure your library is ready!


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Let's get graphic with the NEW 52s!

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