Well, in the novel sense of the word! Graphic Novels are all over our front list for the upcoming seasons, and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the latest, most-essential information to keep even your fanboy patrons up to speed!


So…when you see this chair….you can expect Random House Library to get graphic with the latest information from within the industry galley giveaways, sneak-peaks at upcoming titles, author interviews and much, much more! And for those of you that want daily updates sign up to follow us daily on Twitter with our new handle, @RHGetsGraphic

Random House, Inc proudly distributes some of the best graphic novel titles on the market- DC Comics, Archie Comics, Vertigo, Vertical, Kodansha USA, Campfire and many other publishers we have partnerships with also have graphic novels on their lists- for a full ist of our current client partners, click here.   Random House, Inc. also publishes Pantheon graphic novels as well-

We would love to hear from you- let us know what information you want us to provide about graphic novels, and what materials your library can use to help educate and inform your patrons about the latest graphic novels and the ones that might best suit their needs, email us at library@randomhouse.com – we look forward to hearing from you! 

The first five people to leave their comments will receive a free copy of Batman Knightfall Volume I

Random House is getting GRAPHIC…

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  • As a comic reader and a librarian, the most important thing to me is knowing where in a storyline a graphic novel falls (if it is part of a storyline) but mostly what issues it contains. I’d be great to note what other GNs that are part of the same storyline are coming out soon, too.

  • This is a wonderful addition to your already special collection which I adore and enjoy. Graphic novels have an appeal for the youth and many patrons.

  • We’re so excited for this new edition! Our library is trying to bulk up its graphic novel collection, so this will be a welcome addition.

  • Accurate age-range information would be a huge help. Our library, like many others, has the ability to separate forms of fiction by the intended audience. We do the same with graphic novels, but it becomes difficult when an “all ages” title turns out to have content that makes parents faint dead away, like the infamous “Pepper Potts wears thong underwear to work” story in Iron Man.

  • Graphic novels fly off the shelves at my library. Superhero GN particularly, they don’t need promotion at all and tend to circulate constantly.

  • Graphic novels are a happy medium between what is current and yesterdays comics.

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