We hope everyone in the library world felt the multitudes of appreciation last week!  We certainly second the calls to make National Library Week a National Holiday!

Here is a final bonus author Q&A with Peter Behrens to conclude our special weeklong blog series, along with a parting quote from a huge library supporter, Laurie R. King!   We’re thrilled that so many of our authors jumped at the chance to honor librarians.  We’re giving away copies of both THE O’Briens and PIRATE KING today, so click through the link below to enter to win one.

Please share all of our authors’ sentiments and blurbs with yours patrons.  We’re sure they will enjoy them as much as we have.

peter behrens credit bill geisler

Peter Behrens is the author of The O’Briens and The Law of Dreams (which received Canada’s Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction and was published around the world to wide acclaim) and Night Driving, a collection of short stories. His stories and essays have appeared in many publications, including The Atlantic and Tin House.

RH LIBRARY: What is your first memory of being in a library?  

Peter Behrens:  Notre Dame de Grace Public Library, on Queen Mary road, in Montreal.

RH LIBRARY: Do you have a favorite librarian?

Peter Behrens:  Pat Horton, Youth Services Librarian at Blue Hill Public Library.  She is teaching my son, 6, to love books and libraries.

RH LIBRARY: What is your most favorite library in the world?  

Peter Behrens:  Blue Hill Public Library. A town institution. They have excellent acquisitions, a knowledgeable staff, and are very open to the community.

RH LIBRARY: Why are libraries important?  

Peter Behrens:  Because books are important and libraries honor books and the act of reading.

RH LIBRARY: What event have you enjoyed attending at the library?  

Peter Behrens:  Well, I very much appreciate when libraries sponsor events around  my new novel THE O’BRIENS. Just did one this morning at the Skidompha Public Library in Damariscotta, Maine.

RH LIBRARY: What was the best book you remember checking out of the library and loving?

Peter Behrens:  The new biography of the statesman, George Kennan.

RH LIBRARY: If you were a character in a book who would you be?  

Peter Behrens:  I’d like to be Captain Jack Aubrey, please.

RH LIBRARY: Is there anything you’d like to share with librarians about your current book?  

Peter Behrens:  It’s a modern novel disguised as an old fashioned family epic/saga.

 laurie r king credit seth affournado 2000

Laurie R. King is the New York Times bestselling author of ten Mary Russell mysteries, five contemporary novels featuring Kate Martinelli, and the acclaimed novels A Darker Place, Folly, Keeping Watch, and Touchstone.

“I grew up in libraries.  We were a peripatetic family, and the suspicion was that my father would read his way through a library and move on.  And as libraries shaped my childhood, so do they shape my work: I doubt that I would have been able to establish myself as a writer of historical fiction were it not for the nearby university library, which even in this age of the Internet is my first choice in research. Entertainment, information, inspiration, community support: it’s all there, in the library.”

–Laurie R. King,  www.LaurieRKing.com  

We’re anxiously awaiting Laurie’s latest Mary Russell novel, Garment of Shadows, available in September!  Not to be missed!

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Library Appreciation doesn't end with National Library Week!

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