deepzoneFor lunch today we bring you the The Deep Zone excerpt from James M. Tabor national best-selling non-fiction author of Blind Descent. This gripping adventure thriller is Tabor’s first work of fiction and is worthy of Crichton and two memorable heroes, this debut will please fans of James Rollins and Douglas Preston.

As a terrifying outbreak threatens to become a pandemic, a top-secret government agency asks scientist Hallie Leland to lead a team into the world’s deepest cave to find a cure. But the cave’s grave and fascinating dangers are only the beginning: the cave’s entrance is located in a part of Mexico scarred by violence, and a mole will go to any length to prevent their success. Distinguished by fantastic research, high stakes, and memorable lead characters, this debut thriller announces a great new talent.

Sounds like a great thriller, no?

[youtube 2IjaZxuC2h8]

Lunch Lit: The Deep Zone ~ James M. Tabor

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