becoming-janeToday let’s take a look at the film Becoming Jane which stars Anne Hathaway as a young Jane Austen set in a time prior to her becoming the famous author. The film explores Austen’s romance with an enchanting Irishman, Mr. Tom LeFroy (James McAvoy). By breaking social standing the two risk everything for love. I personally love the movie’s slogan “Between sense and sensibility and pride and prejudice was a life worth writing about.”

The film is set in 1795, the scene in the library has Jane and Mr. LeFroy discussing The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne (1789) by Gilbert White which Mr. LeFroy refers to Jane’s “Book of the Woods by Mr. White.” After reading a suggestive passage in the book Mr. LeFroy prompts Jane with the question “Is this conduct commonplace in the natural history of Hampshire?” making her blush. Mr. LeFroy then asks Jane how she feels she is qualified to “practice the art of fiction” and Jane puts him in his place quite eloquently. Go Jane!

The actual Austen home was demolished in 1824 and was in Hampshire, England. The house used as the Austen home in the film dates from 1747. Most of the film was shot in Dublin, Ireland and nearby County Wicklow. The real Tom LeFroy summed in Wicklow so there is direct connection to location with the characters past.  Many scenes were also shot in Ireland’s Charleville Castle.  As someone who’s visited the castle and hiked the Wicklow mountains I can say that these locations are quite a breathtaking. It must have been amazing shooting these scenes because when you are in these areas of Ireland you do feel transported to a magical past.

I’m curious if those of you who are Austenites, like myself, enjoyed this film. I felt it was quite enjoyable.

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