Today we’re going to talk about “the most beautiful love story ever told as it has never been seen before.” That was the tagline for the 1991 animated Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. When I first saw this movie I immediately fell in love with Belle who was an avid reader. She was seen walking around her village with a book in hand and befriending the town bookseller  even though the villagers thought “ that girl was so peculiar.” If you’ve seen the movie you likely know the library scene we will reference today. It’s when the Beast gives Belle the most amazing gift she could imagine a massive beautiful library filled floor to ceiling with books. As Belle gasps “I’ve never seen so many books in all my life.” Gush, so romantic. Of course, the library in the film is animated, however the Beast’s castle, strongly resemblances the Oval Reading Room of the Richelieu Building at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris. Oh la la.

[youtube FShFSqulwL8]

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Beauty and the Beast

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