Ok- so many of us may not plan ahead for certain things like packing for a trip, or saving for retirement- but when it comes to picking the perfect book for our book club, or what book we want to read on vacation, then we are suddenly the most motivated planners!

Drowned by Therese Bohman is the book I would plan for if  I were you- The second I finished it, I gave my copy to my friend, and she gave it to her friend and so it went… and I am pretty certain that I finally found the perfect book to get my book club to actually read again!  (They have started to slack off- you know who you are!) 

Very quickly you will realize that this is way more than a book about one sister visiting the other sister for the summer in Sweden. You will just know that something eerie is as present as the creaky floor boards and the constant draft from the old windows. Something about the perfectly poured wine and the muffled sounds of hidden conversation will make you feel fortunate that this is not your summer vacation.  These two sisters are enthralled by the same man and both seemingly resolute in allowing him to cause their demise.

From the first page to the last you will contemplate the kind of woman you hope you are to the kind of woman you might actually be. Would you ever really put the desire and passion you feel for a man you’ve just met before the well-being and trust of your own sister…are you sure?

email us at library@randomhouse.com if you are intrigued, we have a few spare copies in the office and we would love to know what you think!


Drowned… get your book clubs READING again!

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  • I wonder if my mystery group would like it?

  • I think they would- it reads like a mystery- and at the end, there is plenty to figure out!

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