ghostbusterslibraryWe ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Today’s videos come with a Ghostbusters theme. Remember the shhing ghost that is the first of many supernatural beings in the film? Spooky. Within the first few scenes of the movie the Ghostbusters team enters the NYPL passing the famous iconic lions and walking through the reading room to investigate strange occurrences in the library. An interesting fact is that the interior haunted stacked were filmed across the continent in the Los Angeles Central Library. Oh Hollywood magic.

[youtube MYjFKsJjCP0]

We’d also like to share a video where the members of the Improv Everywhere, a NYC comedy troupe, had a little fun by descending on the NYPL dressed as ghosts to haunt the libraries reading room. Soon after members of the GB team showed up to save the day. Who you gonna call? The patrons’ reactions are priceless.

[youtube wKB7zfopiUA]

Libs on Film: Friday Flick: Ghostbusters

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