During ALA, Minter in January we highlighted titles that we are excited about for Spring 2012 – some of you may have attended our Book Buzz program where we talked about these titles (and ate pastries!)

Or you may have stopped by the Random House booth during the conference and picked up  an Advanced Review Copy-(If you missed our Book Buzz presentation, you can always listen to it in its’ pre-recorded version.)

So, now that Midwinter is over, we are wondering… what titles are you most excited about from Random House?

978-0-385-53558-8     978-1-58642-195-3   978-0-307-95727-6       978-0-307-95635-4

We are looking for librarians to write in their review of  a just released, or upcoming title that we talked about in the Book Buzz presentation.

If you weren’t able  to attend midwinter and would like to participate in this  opportunity  – email us library@randomhouse.comto request a galley of any of the titles listed in the Book Buzz presentation and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Send your review to library@randomhouse.com we will contact you if we decide to feature your review on our blog.

This is a great way for us to know which titles you took the time to read- and a great way for us to find out what the librarians are reading next!

Looking for guest reviewers…

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