thewolfgiftBy now, you’ve likely heard a lot about Anne Rice’s new novel THE WOLF GIFT that debuts tomorrow. This novel brings a whole new netherworld–a whole new cosmology–for Anne Rice to make her own: the world of the werewolf. The classic monster of horror fiction–dark, gothic, with supernatural depth and power–with the infusion of Rice’s electrifying vision: the man wolf as romantic, sensualist being; a potentially tragic figure bestowed with the (wolf) gift of transformation and transcendence. Readers will rejoice to see Anne fully back to what they love her for.

Today we’d like to share with you an intimate interview with Anne as she talks all about her new book and why she chose to write about werewolves this time around. Please feel free to share this video in any way you care to.

[youtube GD23Q9qmMYA]

Interview with Anne Rice about The Wolf Gift.

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