oneforthemoneyIn 2011 Evanovich brought you not one, but two Stephanie Plum novels – Smokin’ Seventeen and Explosive Eighteen. It looks like the Evanovich fever will continue into the New Year with the film adaptation of One for the Money – the book that started the gripping mystery series. 

Katherine Heigl will bring Stephanie Plum to life in One for the Money. In this recent USA Today interview with both superstars, Janet explains the moment when she knew Katherine was right for the role.   

If you have not seen the One for the Money trailer, we suggest you watch now, if you’re a Plum fan it’s very enjoyable. Film hits theaters on January 27.

[youtube rn1PpRgUaeU]

Evanovich Fever: One for the Money Film

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  • A lot of Stephanie Plum fans are unhappy with Janet Evanovich because they are disappointed with the last two books. It will be interesting to see how the movie does at the box office.

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