According to just about every website, tweet and status update available- it seems that losing weight is the #1 (or very close to #1) New Year’s Resolution…

But, this is really for the anti-lose-weight-resolution makers, and I know you are out there…  Little Old Lady Recipes Comfort Food and Kitchen Table Wisdom…made with love and lots of lard.

“Life was better when the most confusing thing served was a hot dog- and even then, we understood what went in ’em. We just didn’t really want to think about it.”


The author of this book is Meg Favreau, a comedian and food writer who has contributed to publications including the Huffington Post, McSweeney’s, and the Smart Set.  In this book she shares with you recipes that would make anyone feel like a welcomed guest in your home-  a guest that would leave always remembering how great your pecan pie tasted or how they over-indulged in your own personal “greatest green bean casserole” ever. 

Now just like some or most of you- I over did it this holiday season as well, with the lasagna and the breads and the best butter cookies ever that my sister-in-law bakes to absolute perfection! But, still I am not ready for the cleansing drinks or the protein bars just yet- I prefer comforting “Little Old Lady Recipes” for my upcoming winter months.

If you, like me, want to put “lose weight” lower on your list of 2012 priorities and indulge in meat loaf, pot roast, homemade ice cream, or fudge, email me at and I will give away a few extra copies of this delightful little book!

And, truly, happy 2012 to all you, no matter what your resolutions might be. 

Little Old Lady Recipes…(need I say more?)

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  • This book sounds GREAT! Just reviewed the Sheryl Crow cookbook for the local newspaper, If it makes you healthy. It was lovely but this sounds more like real life.

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