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Sunday, January 22nd

11:30am – 12:30pm

Room C148

Discover the hottest titles sure to drive up your holds lists this season!  Join us for tea & treats, ARCs, staff favorites & the inside scoop on the books your patrons will be eagerly awaiting!

Mark your calendars and rsvp to this event on our Facebook page!



Join Jen, Kelly & Erica as they present their picks from the Spring 2012 season not to be missed.

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It's time for tea @ Midwinter 2012!

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  • I do not have a Facebook page (& have no plans to do so) BUT I would like to RSVP for the SPRING 2012 BOOK BRUNCH on Sunday, January 22nd during ALA Midwinter. I think it is rather limiting of you to require RSVP through Facebook.

  • Thank you, and I will be delighted to come!
    Cassie Wilson

  • Can you forward the authors and titles for the event?

  • I will be attending ALA Midwinter in Dallas and would like to RSVP for the Spring 2012 Book Brunch on Sunday, Jan 22nd from 11:30 – 12:30 pm. I do not have a Facebook page and have no intentions of creating one, therefore must RSPV this way, via the Comments portion of your eNewsletter. I would really like to learn about your upcoming titles so I can bring the information back for my library so am hoping you will accept my RSVP anyway.

  • Hello everyone, Glad that you’re planning on attending, you can also RSVP by sending us an email at library@randomhouse.com – See you at the brunch:)

  • Hello, I would like RSVP for the Book Brunch. See you at the Midwinter conference then!!

  • I’m not sure if I RSVP’d, but I wouldn’t miss this. I might be a few minutes late because of a prior meeting.

  • I thought I had rsvp’d to this brunch, but now I don’t know. If possible please send a confirmation to me. Thank you!

  • Hello everyone. Consider yourselves RSVPed. See you all there. Yay!

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