holiday chairDay 7: It’s the seventh day of the 12 Days of Random House Library Marketing Giveaway and there are  amazing stacks of books making bella sculptures around our desks just waiting to be sent your way when our giveaway ends. Between these book sculptures there are seven-swans-a-swimming. It’s truly beautiful, but not as impressive as the classical Roman statue The Discus Thrower. Speaking of Roman artwork we will introduce our book for today THE DETOUR by Andromeda Romano-Lax. It’s the story of a three-day trip to Rome in 1938 that spins out of control while trying to deliver a precious piece of art The Discus Thrower to the Third Reich.

Today we give you the chance to win The Detour here today.


Ernst Vogler is twenty-six years old when he is sent to Rome by his employer—the Third Reich, who are collecting the great art of Europe and bringing it to Germany for the Führer. Vogler is to collect a famous Classical Roman marble statue, The Discus Thrower, and get it to the German border, where it will be turned over to Gestapo custody. It is a simple, three-day job. Things start to go wrong almost immediately.

The Italian twin brothers who have been hired to escort Vogler to the border seem to have priorities besides the task at hand—wild romances, perhaps even criminal jobs on the side—and Vogler quickly loses control of the assignment. The twins set off on a dangerous detour and Vogler realizes he will be lucky to escape this venture with his life, let

alone his job. With nothing left to lose, the young German gives himself up to the Italian adventure, to the surprising love and inevitable losses along the way.

It is a bittersweet novel about artistic obsession, misplaced idealism, detours, and second chances, set along the beautiful back-roads of northern Italy on the eve of war.

And if you’d like to read more about how Andromeda came to writing this amazing story swing by her blog.

Day 7: Win The Detour during The 12 Days of Random House Library Marketing

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