holiday chairDay 4: We hope you’ve been enjoying the merrymaking that comes every December! We on the other hand are in pursuit of the four calling birds needed for the 12 Days of Random House Library Marketing Giveaway. We are assuming since they are missing in action that they have become spies out to fulfill some secret expat holiday bird mission. Perhaps that’s the true reason birds fly south every winter? Speaking of spies and secret missions today’s ARC giveaway is for THE EXPATS by Chris Pavone.

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Insider tip for you librarians: A film version of The Expats is already in the works.

The Expats follows the life of former CIA agent Kate Moore, a mom living the expat life. In the cobblestoned streets of Luxembourg, her days are filled with play-dates and coffee mornings, her weekends spent in Paris and skiing in the Alps. Kate is also guarding a tremendous, life-defining secret-one that’s become so unbearable that it begins to unravel her neat little expat life. She suspects that another American couple are not who they claim to be; plus her husband is acting suspiciously; and as she travels around Europe, she finds herself looking over her shoulder, increasingly terrified that her own past is catching up with her. As Kate begins to dig, to uncover the secrets of the people around her, she finds herself buried in layers of deceit so thick they threaten her family, her marriage, and her life.

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Authors praise The Expats:

“I often thought I was reading the early works of Ken Follett, Frederick Forsyth, and Robert Ludlum. Smart, clever suspense, skillfully plotted-The Expats is a lot of fun to read.” -John Grisham

“One of the best-written spy thrillers I’ve ever read. . . . A riveting story of great-game deceptions wrapped inside the smaller deceptions of marriage. At moments horrifying, hilarious, and very wise, The Expats has given Chris Pavone a permanent place on my short list of must-read authors.” -Olen Steinhauer

“A gem. Clever, suspenseful with a jet fueled story that rockets from one corner of the globe to another, it is never less than a thrill a minute. . . . An absolute winner!” -Christopher Reich


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  • Sounds like a thrilling read!

  • This is a great book for my former expats book club!

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